First Consultation / Treatments Included

Your First Consultation

The first consultation will last approximately 45 minutes (with subsequent treatments lasting 30 minutes).  In order to diagnose you appropriately your Osteopath needs to gather as much information from you as possible, so your full medical case history will be taken in order for us to choose an examination plan that will enable an appropriate diagnosis.

Typically musculoskeletal pain is a simple mechanical joint and tissue problem, which responds well to Osteopathic treatment, however occasionally a consistent ache or pain may be due to a possibly more serious underlying problem.  Therefore if further tests or X-rays are required your Osteopath may refer you on for these in order to rule out anything more serious.

Once your medical history has been taken, with your permission a skeletal examination and testing will occur, at this point you may be required to undress to your underwear, you can do this in private as your Osteopath can leave the room.  It is advisable to wear stretchy, comfortable trousers / leggings or shorts for your consultation, or a gown can be provided if preferred.  Patients under the age of 16 must bring a relative with them, who will need to be present throughout each consultation.

Osteopathic treatment is included in your first consultation.  Treatment commonly includes specific spinal manipulation (the clicky bits!), mobilisation of the joints and spine, soft tissue manipulation and muscle energy technique (involving stretching of specific muscles). Gentle techniques such as Cranial or Visceral may be included, depending upon on your diagnosis.

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