Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage benefits include a decrease in muscle tension through stretching muscle fibres, stimulating circulation providing oxygen and nutrients which allow the immune system to repair sporting, postural or work injuries. Sports Massage aids the reduction of inflammation therefore reducing soreness and allowing a faster recovery. It assists in the removal of waste products within overused or damaged tissues through stimulation of the venous and lymphatic systems, thus aiding the healing process.

Sports Massage Therapy

Our fully qualified, experienced and insured practitioners offer various treatment approaches, which include:

Sports Massage Therapy assists in the reduction of pain through stimulation of tissue receptors, inhibiting the perception of pain through modulating the central nervous system. Increased warmth, circulation and stretching provide relaxation, releasing endorphins which can reduce feelings of stress.

This treatment assists in the breakdown of scar tissue / trigger points and aids reduction of pain. Stretching muscles through soft tissue stimulation assists in improving range of motion and flexibility, promoting future injury prevention.

Injury Prevention

Sports Massage will assist with injury prevention. Increased blood flow provides more oxygen and nutrients for muscles to maintain their health so they are less likely to weaken and fatigue, therefore optimising performance. Anyone can benefit from this treatment, whether you are a keen marathon runner or suffer from tennis elbow. We will discuss your medical history in order to diagnose the problem before providing a treatment specific to your injury.

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